What makes a good Waterproofing Company?

Wise Cracks® loves helping people and we’re passionate about. This shows from our first contact with the client to the clean up after the job. The health of your home starts in your basement! So, how can you tell what makes a good basement waterproofing company?

We wish homeowners would call and ask questions (ask questions and book a free initial consultation or assessment) regarding basement leaks and whether the

Some think that repairs have to be done on the outside only, which is not true. However, if it is better considering all the circumstances, we will advise them. We always offer the homeowner what would be their best choice, (even if we are not involved), and “in their best interest”. We also direct them to good honest plumbers, electricians, whatever, if we are able.

We want people to know that you don’t always have to dig around the house and rip out the old plugged drain, put in  new drains, and if they fail that is an expensive undertaking and most times no warranty from an excavation contractor.  Our Wise Dry® Interior drain system is usually less than half the price and comes with a lifetime warranty. That’s like 4 times the value!

Honesty and integrity, quality in product and workmanship and decades of knowledge and wisdom are our building blocks f

or success. Success is making the world a better (and dryer) place to live.

There hasn’t been one basement yet that we couldn’t fix.

We also can trouble shoot landscape errors, structural defects, etc. Advice is free and can save you thousands.

We wish people knew that we do this effectively all year around, from simple crack injections to interior drain systems.

Two Main points: 

Customer service from a basement “waterproofing company” should be nothing short of top notch; the work should be able to be done

all year round wet or dry.

Also, check for BBB affiliation and other awards such as Consumer Choice Award Winners etc.to see if that helps you choose a good waterproofing company.

If you think it can’t be fixed-call us!  All we want is the best for you ™.