Have Water Stains or Efflorescence on Concrete Walls?

Beware of potential “Water stains” or Water Stains or Efflorescence on Concrete Walls, a white chalky residue, on your basement’s concrete before you close in the walls or cover the concrete floor.

A few things the look for or look out for:

Stains on the concrete wall 

Stains on the concrete wall is usually due to water entry through small defects that would normally go unnoticed when dry. These stains can be identified by standing back from the concrete wall and looking for a darker colour or even brown if dirt has been washed in. Staining usually will be directly under the defect such as a well line or sewer pipe that runs through the wall, a metal tie, or even a crack in the wall that normally comes off the corner of a window, near the center of the wall. Even if there are no signs of leaking; it is necessary to address these before they leak and ruin the new walls, flooring, and belongings.

Run water around the outside of the basement 15-20 minutes per side

If there is a leak issue, running water on the exterior concrete wall will cause water seepage on the interior concrete wall.  If you see leaking in the basement, move your hose to the next area and mark on the wall the upper most point of leakage and call in the professionals.

If you’re going to spend money on repairs, make sure it is done by “the pros” with a good warranty. When deciding who to use, we advise getting three estimates and a request for references. Check with BBB for a clear history.  For the benefit of your investment, DON’T panic and pick the first company that arrives.

Get informed and choose wisely! Do not gamble and hope to get lucky (That’s what Vegas is for).