The Wise Advantage

Wise Cracks® offers professional services for residential and light commercial requirements. Our products and services are designed to provide a permanent solution to concrete and foundation problems. Our products are formulated to be chemically interactive to the substrate to which they are applied. Our trained technicians are highly qualified to install our products and in most cases can even back this up with a lifetime warranty!

Wise Cracks® Protects your investment.
Owning your own home is a smart investment, and proper maintenance protects the value of your asset. Attempting foundation or concrete repairs yourself may seem money smart – but be prepared to do it often!

Wet Basement Solutions, Foundation Repair & Concrete Repair
Home ownership is the largest investment that most people make and nothing diminishes that investment more than structural problems and water damage. A poorly maintained foundation means lower resale values while proper maintenance and professionally applied repair techniques offer both peace of mind and increased enjoyment of the home