The Most Trusted Basement Repair Franchise That Cares

A sad fact is that if you own a home with a basement, at some point in time, you’re probably going to have to deal with water getting in from somewhere. Wet basements are a big subject with many problems that can happen, and for the most part tend to cause concern and worry for most homeowners and many contractors alike.
There are ways you can protect your foundation AND save yourself a lot of money by applying a few simple yet very effective methods of re-directing water away from your basement. Wise Cracks has locations across Canada, and are a unique group of Franchisees. They work hard at their craft and truly care about the customers that they serve.

It really is about more than just a paycheck. They take pride in what they do. A big reason they do what they do is because they honestly want to help their neighbour. Sounds romantic, I know….but it’s true. Most of Wise Cracks’ advertising comes by word of mouth. Winning several customer service awards, year after year is a true testament to how we perform our business.

Leaky basement? Give Wise Cracks a call. Wise Cracks has several locations across Canada to serve you; with locations in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland,  Ontario and Alberta. Visit us today at