Re-directing Water Away From Your Foundation

Excess water near your foundation can cause thousands of dollars in damages. Everyone knows that a leaky basement is no fun at any time of year. So how about a low cost way of helping reduce this likelihood, that you can do yourself. Luckily, gutter cleaning and downspout repair is fairly low-cost. Typically a good time is after all the snow melts in winter, however, fall is another good time to have a look at your gutters.

You’ll want to make sure to clean your gutters and clean out any debris that may keep Fall rains from flowing freely through your downspouts. Along with replacing damaged gutter or downspout sections, you’ll also want to make sure you have added downspout extenders to ensure water is draining far away from your home’s foundation. Extenders should reach at least five feet into your yard. Gutter covers can also be added to minimize debris from gathering in gutters throughout the year.

Also, add extensions out away from the foundation if you see water pooling near it after a rain.