Putting it off for a rainy day

The concrete crack that does nothing may be your worst nightmare.

Putting it off for a Rainy Day is an expression used when we procrastinate.  The thoughts of reading a good book, knitting that sweater, writing that book, or trying that new recipe are all things we all try to do but continually set aside and there is no harm done.

We often put off major home renovations that appear small until disaster strikes.  I’ve often heard of homeowners neglecting that crack in their foundation until it “does something” in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It is when they experience the misery of ruined drywall, carpet and flooring in their basement. No one likes a wet leaky basement!

If the almanac is correct, there is no time but the present to take care of the crack in your foundation.  The intermittent rain that is upon us will continue to cause pressure on that foundation crack and will inevitably leak into your basement.

Be Proactive not reactive!  Use your rainy day money on something that is preventable.