Ignore that Leaky Basement at your Own Risk

Sometimes leaks can occur in your basement right out of the blue. Fortunately noticing the problem early and dealing with it early can prevent major costly damages.

Uncontrolled leaks in your foundation may cause serious damages in your home, not to mention mold problems. Recognizing symptoms of water damages can be done by checking your basement or foundation for cracks on a regular basis.

These signs may indicate a leak in your basement; wet carpeting, peeling or lifting basement flooring, mold and mildew, leaking plumbing, and damp spots in the drywall or wallboard.

On the outside check to ensure the ground is sloping away from the foundation, check to ensure your gutters are clear. Gutters can contribute to basement leaking, including causing the ground to be saturated near the foundation walls. Over time the water could seep into the ground and infiltrate your basement. You can avoid this problem at least by doing yearly, or seasonal gutter cleanings.