How to Fix a Leaky Basement

There is no other way of looking at it. Leaky basements are downright upsetting. Although basement leaks are common in most homes, finding your precious items sitting in, or worse, floating in water can be devastating.

Identifying the source of a leaky basement

Finding a basement leak can be tricky. Rule of thumb is to follow the source as you wouldn’t want to waste your time calling a waterproofing contractor if the source of the leak is a plumbing issue in either your kitchen or bathroom upstairs.

For a finished basement, wet or moldy drywall and wet flooring is generally the first clue that you have a foundation water problem. In an unfinished basement, a crack in a basement will leak, will leave discolouration or staining on the foundation wall and there may be dry, mildew patches on the wall and floor at the source. You can go outside the problem area and look for any cracks in the wall. If you find one, ask a professional to asses, and advise on proper repair.

Sometimes high humidity levels in the basement can be indicative of a basement leak.

Can You Fix a Basement Leak?

DIY projects are always fun for homeowners. With that said, your home is one of your greatest assets, where your foundation plays a key role. i.e. holding up the structure.

Fixing a basement leak yourself could be as simple as redirecting a down spout in the area or reattaching an old fallen off pipe.
The next option would be preventing water from coming through the foundation. This requires a marginal investment as you will need to waterproof your foundation. You may need to excavate the area in question all the way to the footing. The foundation will need to be cleaned and a waterproof membrane or coating can be applied to the foundation.

The last option is to plug or seal the hole or crack with hydraulic cement. This can be used to patch a leaky foundation and can be applied wet or dry. As a waterproof contractor, “We try and steer homeowners away from doing this as it is a temporary fix that could cause further damage to your foundation”.

Hire a Waterproofing Contractor for your basement leak?

As previously stated, your home is one of your greatest investments that you’ll make in your lifetime. Your house requires a well maintained foundation to avoid humidity problems, mould issues, and structural damage. Temporarily fixing a leaky basement may be your only financial option, but at least have a waterproofing contractor to advise you, and help you get a full understanding of what you are facing today and down the road.

People are astonished by the fact that it’s usually more cost efficient to have the repair professionally done!