Reasons Not to Fix That Basement Crack Yourself

Duct tape does not fix everything! However, on a serious note, it isn’t unusual for cracks to form in concrete walls. Concrete is a rigid material, to which normal settlement and other factors can cause cracks to form. Other causes for this problem include poor construction, water buildup in the soil, and fluctuating weather temperatures. Cracks in your foundation walls require a proper repair from a from a trained professional that knows how to handle this type of problem.

Although it may seem cost effective to attempt the repairs yourself, here’s some good reasons why you should not:

  • Crack Assessment is Important: If you have a wet basement determining the source of the leak is extremely important. Without a proper assessment by someone who sees this every day, you may not be fixing the real cause of the leak. Also the majority of “Do It Yourself” products and repairs don’t last, so you would be wasting your time and money. When you do decide to hire a professional to do the repairs after that, the cost will end up being higher than it would have been originally. The warranty may also be impaired due to damages caused by inferior products. Damage to the concrete wall reduces the ability of any product to repair it after that.
  • Time is Money: Without adequate experience, it could take quite a while for you to do a crack repair properly and effectively. Missing one key step will impair your results. A professional repair will give you the best results.
  • You May Spend More: Most homeowners are tempted to do the leak repair on their own in an attempt to save money. However, in the end they hire a professional to finish the job they’ve started, which can then lead to additional charges and can end up spending more to correct the mistakes thus impairing the ability of professional products to adhere to a damaged or botched repair.
  • Your Safety Is At Risk: No matter how small the cracks are, they could lead to structural problems, flooding, and mold growth. Any crack has the potential to leak and should be repaired. Try learning how to identify a foundation crack.