Can A Wet Basement be Dangerous?

If you are living in a home with moisture issues and water damage in your basement you might be putting your family’s health at risk. Although it might be something you are trying to ignore, a leaky basement or a basement with moisture issues can lead to dangerous mould and mildew growth. Here are some of the health issues that could be related to moisture and leaks in basements:

Bacteria growth:

Bacteria love moisture. When your basement is wet from leaks and condensation issues it provides a prime breeding ground for many types of bacteria. Colonies of bacteria will be able to grow due to damp organic matter that can build up on your walls and floors. The more moisture provided the stronger the bacteria becomes and even the strongest anti-bacterial cleaning products may not be able to remove or kill them. This could lead to illness for family members.

Breeding ground for pests:

In some cases a damp basement can prove to be a breeding ground for pests including mice, rats and insects. It has been proven that when there is water damage it tends to lead to higher allergens in the home from pests.

Dust mites:

Dust mites thrive in an environment with humidity levels above 60 per cent. If you are allergic to dust mites or have asthma you will have to aim to keep your home below 50 per cent humidity. This will help inhibit dust mite growth. An air conditioner or even a dehumidifier can sometimes help. However, in a moist basement sometimes dehumidifiers could make matters worse.


There are many species of mould that could make your family ill. Mould is another thing that thrives in moist environments. Water damage, condensation and a continuously wet and moist environment will usually lead to mould growth as well as mildew. Mould could cause any number of issues from rashes and respiratory issues to headaches and even memory loss.
As you can see moisture in your basement could lead to many serious issues if not addressed.