Basements are one of the most popular types of foundations due to their ability to offer homeowners extra space in a household. With the right construction, this foundation can successfully bear the load of the rest of the house and help prevent structural damage to a home. However, some factors can directly or indirectly cause basement damage. The following information will give further insight into basement damage so the right Basement repair can be performed to fix it.

It’s helpful for a homeowner to understand what to look for with basement damage. Regular inspections of a basement will enable a homeowner to identify damage and call a service provider to fix it. First, learn about the different parts of a basement. This can include the mortar joint and floor drain. Look for unevenness, shifts, and cracks in the foundation on the interior and exterior of the home. Ensure that the land a home sits on slopes away from the home. Inspect a chimney for missing mortar and damaged flashing. Gutters should be assessed for blockages. Further inspection should be done to evaluate the need for a repairman.

There are three main types of foundation cracks: vertical cracks, horizontal cracks, and rotational cracks. Vertical cracks are also known as drying cracks. These cracks typically have a maximum width of 3/16 of an inch. They run vertically and diagonally. Drying cracks are usually left unattended unless they occur due to overexposure to water. Horizontal cracks are regularly called buckling cracks. These cracks are not completely horizontal all the time but are almost parallel to the ground. Buckling cracks should be examined more closely than other types of cracks. Often a repairman will need to be called for these cracks. Rotational cracks are caused by improper contact in between two sections of the foundation. This condition will usually escalate unless it’s repaired quickly.

These are just a few facts to help a homeowner learn about the need for basement repair. By identifying certain signs and understanding the basic types of foundation cracks, a homeowner will have an easier time deciding when to call a professional for help.