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Wise Cracks Concrete Technologies Inc. are industry leaders in sump pump installation and battery backup systems. We specialize in keeping Canadian’s homes dry and valuable! There’s nothing like water damage to scare off potential buyers. Keep your house safe from water with our award winning sump pump systems.

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Sump Pump Backup Systems

Interior Drainage is more cost effective than outside repairs. There is costly excavation with outside repairs; such as moving walkways, driveways, decks and landscaping costs. Foundation repair with outside settling of soils it is sometimes harder to see foundation wall defects as opposed to inside where they are more obvious.
Step One before finishing any basement is to ensure it is waterproofed. We install professional sump pumps, pits and battery backups. Our well trained technicians can explain this unique system to you, step by step. Our system benefits are numerous.

Sump Pump As Your Next Appliance

You may think that your brand new fridge with adjustable shelves or other things with a Bluetooth connection might be a cool appliance in your house. Or maybe the stack-able washer and dryer set that cleans your clothes using half the water as your old one seems like your best appliance. If you’ve ever experienced a flooded basement, another appliance that should win your affection is the sump pump.

Common Problems With Sump Pumps

1. Activation (Float) Switch Malfunctions
When the water in your sump pit reaches a certain height, a float switch turns the pump on. This part receives heavy use and will probably break first. Make sure your unit’s float switch can be easily replaced. They come in vertical, diaphragm, electronic and tethered styles. The vertical float switch is the most popular for its efficiency and reliability.

2. Power Outages
Loss of power to the sump pump is also extremely common. The cord may be accidentally unplugged, the electrical circuit tripped or severe weather may knock the power out. Regular inspection of the connection and a dedicated outlet will alleviate some problems. Purchasing a battery back-up is also a good investment. This can offer continuous protection even when you’re away from home.

3. Poor Maintenance
Maintaining your sump pump is easy and doesn’t require much work. During dry periods when the pump doesn’t operate often, pour some water into the pit occasionally to run a full cycle. Running vinegar through it will clean away any build-up. Keep the pit as clean as you can, within reason. Keep the float obstruction-free and any back-up battery should be replaced after three years.

4. Life Expectancy
Like all mechanical appliances, your sump pump will eventually break down. With an average lifespan of three to seven years, you’ll likely need to replace the pump at least once while you’re living there. Don’t underestimate how much damage can be caused by a malfunctioning sump pump. Being proactive and replacing it before it breaks down is the best thing you can do.

Wise Dry® Sump Pump Installations

Get your battery backup installed before the water seeps in! Or if you’re already experiencing leaks, call us ASAP to get in touch with a local technician.

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When there is any excavation required our team follows all Dig Safe Canada procedures to ensure that all digging activities are done in a safe and responsible manner.