Ridgeback Basement Systems VS Wise Cracks

Your basement is a critical part of maintaining your home’s value and safety. This is a review of Ridgeback Basement Systems and a Pros / Con list. We hope you find this information useful in comparing Wise Cracks to Rideback Basement Systems.

Pros & Cons of Ridgeback Basement Systems

Ridgeback Basement Systems serves all of Atlantic Canada. Including Halifax, Fredericton, Moncton, PEI, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick. These are the top 3 pros and cons of their basement services.


  • Provide sump pumps & basement systems
  • Provide foundation vapour barriers
  • Relatively fast at installing their basement systems


  • Sales people work on commission
  • Basement systems are expensive
  • Systems are often unnecessary

Read below for a breakdown on the pros & cons in more detail.

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Reviewing The Cons Of Ridgeback Basement Systems

Sales people work on commission. Unfortunately we all are aware of the manipulation that comes from commission driven sales force. While it’s a great business move to pay sales force based on performance, it also incentivizes the sales team to sell… even if the products are not needed.

At Wise Cracks we do not have a sales force. Our franchise’s are owner operated meaning that the people you get to work with are the ones actually doing the work and caring about the products are services you purchase.

Basement systems are expensive. Basement systems are complex and can quickly run up the bill. While this can be reassuring to look at, getting a bill for $10k+ can be a big hit for homeowners, and Ridgeback‘s reviews show as much. At Wise Cracks we look at your basement problems are recommend only what’s necessary, without the large markups.

Their basement systems are often unnecessary. Most times a basement leak is caused by a crack in your foundation. Simply fixing the cracks is often the only steps you need to take. Purchasing an entire basement drain system on top of that is usually overkill.

At Wise Cracks our foundation crack repairs offer a lifetime warranty in most cases. Call our basement waterproofing experts today to learn more about what your basement solutions.

Common FAQ’s With Ridgeback Basement Systems

Should you use Ridgeback Basement Systems to fix a leak in your basement?

Ridgeback primarily is known for their basement systems (hence the name). Basement systems are essentially drains and are great for removing water out of your basement. However many times these systems are expensive and unnecessary. At Wise Cracks we know that many times an affordable foundation crack repair will resolve your basement leak issues without a basement drain system.

What is the biggest con of Ridgeback Basement Systems?

Ridgeback’s business model is an expensive one. The head office sells their systems to the franchisees, and the sales people work off commission. This results in overly expensive basement drain systems being sold & installed quickly.

At Wise Cracks our franchisees are owners and operators. We don’t force our franchisees to buy expensive systems, and we don’t have sales people on commission. You get to work directly with the experts that really care about the quality of their workmanship.

Wise Cracks vs Ridgeback… what should you choose?

The choice is up to you! It’s important to get to know more about each company before you decide who to work with. At Ridgeback you’ll be able to talk to a commission based sales person. At Wise Cracks you’ll be talking directly with the owner / operate that will be doing the work on your house.

We recommend calling both Wise Cracks and Ridgeback and make the decision for yourself.

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