PERMA-DRY Vs Wise Cracks

Ensuring that your basement is properly built and maintained is one of the most important factors in the value of your home. We have put together an honest review of PERMA-DRY using a pros and cons list, so that you can make an informed decision when considering which company is best for you, Wise Cracks or PERMA-DRY.

Pros & Cons of PERMA-DRY

PERMA-DRY serves the Atlantic region of Canada with their main locations listed as Halifax, Amherst, Cape Breton Island, Fredericton, Moncton, St John as well as PEI and Newfoundland. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of the PERMA-DRYcompany. 


  • Guarantees their repairs
  • Free consultation
  • Offers a wide range of services


  • Mixed reviews
  • Not highly responsive 
  • High cost for their work

Let’s further examine the cons below to better understand which company is right for your unique needs.

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Reviewing The Cons Of PERMA-DRY

Mixed reviews. When looking at the Google reviews of PERMA-DRY online, you’ll see some glowing reviews and others that didn’t have the best experience. While all companies try their best to solve customers problems, it’s not always possible. Basements are very complex and so are their solutions.

At Wise Cracks we have served countless satisfied customers over the years. We are proud to help our community and ensure that our customers are getting the results they desire. One of our Google reviews from just a few weeks ago reads “Stephen (from Wise Cracks) provided an excellent level of service!  Unlike many companies, he responded quickly to our website inquiry and was immediately helpful. Highly recommend Wise Cracks!”

Not highly responsive. With basement systems, communication is key to ensuring that the customer receives the services they need in a timely manner. Several of the PERMA-DRY Google reviews state that they have a hard time getting in contact with the company. Leaving reviews such as “I’ve called many times, but they won’t return my call.”

At Wise Cracks, we pride ourselves on our ability to respond to customers quickly and get the work done well. A Google review of ours from last year reads “Found a crack in my foundation, got a quote on a Monday, work was completed by Wednesday, technician was on time and very friendly, answered any questions I had and left the space cleaner than when he arrived, would recommend to anyone with similar issues.”

High cost of work. Complicated basement systems can be expensive. For PERMA-DRY customers, some reviews show it can be a substantial price, especially if in the end the issue wasn’t resolved. A Google review of their work reads “Although the initial estimate and work (based on their professional recommendation) went well, it did not fix the problem. I paid close to $3000 for work that did not fix the problem. “

At Wise Cracks we professionally assess the problems in your basement and offer only the necessary services expertly done services without adding significant markups.

Common FAQ’s With PERMA-DRY

Should you use PERMA-DRY to fix a flooded basement?

PERMA-DRY advertises themselves primarily as a company who fixes flooded basements. They do this through waterproofing and concrete repair that focuses on, sealing and stopping leaks. However, some reviews suggest that their approach to waterproofing a basement isn’t always 100% effective, despite their lifetime guarantee.

At Wise Cracks we know that a flooded basement calls for effective and cost-efficient foundation crack repair, not only sealing a leak to resolve any flooded basement issues.

What is the biggest con of PERMA-DRY?

PERMA-DRY has some issues with customer communication. It can be seen in many of their online reviews that customers have a hard time getting in contact with employees to resolve problems arising from their work after being given the lifetime guarantee.

At Wise Cracks our team is extremely responsive to both new, current and past clients. We ensure that questions, concerns and problems are heard and attended to in an effective timely and manner.

Wise Cracks vs PERMA-DRY… which is best for you?

We recommend that you do some of your own research and contact both Wise Cracks and PERMA-DRY to have a conversation in order to make the important decision for yourself.

Call our basement waterproofing experts today to learn more about what your basement solutions.

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