Kyle’s Basement Waterproofing vs Wise Cracks

Properly building and maintaining your basement is crucial to ensuring the best value of your home. To help you make an informed decision when choosing between Wise Cracks and Kyle’s Basement Waterproofing, we’ve conducted an honest review of Kyle’s Basement Waterproofing. Our review includes a list of pros and cons, so you can confidently choose the best company for your needs.

Pros & Cons of Kyle’s Basement Waterproofing

Kyle’s Basement Waterproofing services clients in the Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, Sackville, and surrounding areas. Let’s look at some of the pros and cons of Kyle’s Basement Waterproofing company.


  • Offers a wide range of services
  • Provides free quotes
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Less experienced
  • Questionable durability
  • Expensive fixes

To help you determine which company is best suited for your specific needs, let’s take a closer look at the cons listed below.

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Reviewing The Cons Of Kyle’s Basement Waterproofing

Less experienced. Despite their claim of being 3rd generation roofers, Kyle of Kyle’s Basement Waterproofing is the first of his generation in the basement waterproofing industry. The company was founded in 2009 making them less experienced than other companies in the competing area.

We formed our company Wise Cracks in 1991, giving us over 32 successful years in the industry. Having stood the test of time we confidently offer high-quality services offers that has led to the consistent word of mouth recommendations.

Questionable durability. The lifetime guarantee is an attractive offer, however, the fixes being used for their basement waterproofing are those that we have found do not work in the past. The fear is that a few years after these fixes and systems have been put in, they will begin to fail.

At Wise Cracks, in our over three decades of work, we have found and perfected the best methods for basement waterproofing. Our clients can rest easy knowing they won’t need to call us up again to redo any of the waterproofing systems that we’ve put into place.

Expensive fixes. Elaborate expensive fixes are often quoted that far exceed the work that is actually required. Unnecessary work adds time and costs which can be frustrating and inconvenient for the client.

At Wise Cracks, we only quote the work that is needed, often at a fraction of the cost. We have thrived in the basement waterproofing industry by remaining competitive with our prices and providing top quality work.

Common FAQ’s With Kyle’s Basement Waterproofing

Should you use Kyle’s Basement Waterproofing to fix a flooded basement?

Kyle’s Basement Waterproofing which has been in business since 2009 offers a wide array of services for your basement needs. Unfortunately, some of these systems are not best practice and will likely not stand the test of time. However, the lifetime guarantees they offer should cover any repairs if their systems do fail.

At Wise Cracks we have been so successful with our basement waterproofing services that we have expanded our company to become a national franchise across in Canada.

What is the biggest con of Kyle’s Basement Waterproofing?

Their offered services and systems are elaborate which often results in higher costs than what the client may require, leaving them with a potential financial burden that may not have been necessary had they opted for a more simplistic and cost-effective approach.

At Wise Cracks our team is dedicated to the client and gives them what they need. This has led to our consistently winning the Consumer Choice award for 10 years as voted in by consumers as well as other awards.

Wise Cracks vs Kyle’s Basement Waterproofing… which is best for you?

When it comes to choosing between Wise Cracks and Kyle’s Basement Waterproofing for your basement needs, it’s important to gather as much information as possible to make an informed decision. While our review can provide you with a good starting point, we recommend that you take the time to conduct your own research as well. This may include reading reviews from other customers, checking their credentials and certifications, and comparing their pricing and services offered.

Call our basement waterproofing experts today to learn more about what your basement solutions.

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