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Wise Cracks® provides a much needed service to property owners. Wise Cracks is the most trusted basement repair company in Canada. Who are we? Wise Cracks is a boutique Canadian Franchisor and Manufacturer, supplying our Franchisees with proprietary products and methods of repair. Basement repairs are ranked as one of the top home repairs in Canada. Contact us to learn more about opportunities in your area.

The Benefits of Being A Wise Cracks Franchisee:

Bob Belyea

Retired Ontario Wise Cracks Franchisee

I wish I had found this business ten years earlier! I chose the Wise Cracks Franchise as it”s an established business model/brand that has an excellent reputation. Our Wise Seal® products and Wise Dry® technology are industry leading and most important for me is that they are exclusive to the Franchisee only and are not licensed for use outside the Franchise.

Dan Poirier

New Brunswick Wise Cracks Franchisee

Wise Cracks offers me an opportunity to live and maintain a great lifestyle that we enjoy, as well as being family run, which allowed my wife to quit her job and work with me in our Wise Cracks business.

Glenn Thorne

Newfoundland Wise Cracks Franchisee

I am very happy to be a Wise Cracks franchisee. Andrea and her team are great to work with. The Wise Cracks products and processes are best in the business in my honest opinion. Keep up the good work Andrea.

Why Wise Cracks?

We’ve spent thirty plus years doing what we do and take it pretty seriously. The business offers flexible hours, is family friendly, requires minimum staffing, has awesome service-based margins, and minimal inventory is required. Plus, with this mobile repair service, you can work right from home, so there’s no need for a costly storefront. Your Wise Cracks van is your mobile office. The Wise Cracks opportunity is work and life that is in balance. Multi-location ownership opportunities are also available. Most of our growth has come from within with our Franchisees growing their businesses and acquiring adjacent cities.

Fast Facts about Franchising:

  • Lower cost home-based and mobile type franchises have enjoyed major growth
  • Approximately 1 out of every 14 working Canadians is directly employed by franchising.
  • There are over 78,000 franchise units across Canada
  • CFA members represent more than 40,000 business outlets across the country, and there are over 1,200 franchise brands in Canada
  • Franchising directly employs over 1,000,000 people Franchising accounts for $90 billion per year in sales nationally or 10% of Canada’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Franchising is more than food!
  • Franchising has been reported to account for one out of every five consumer dollars spent in Canada in goods and services.
  • Franchising is a great way for an entrepreneur to own your own business, without reinventing the wheel!
  • Franchising is a critical spoke in the Canadian economy

What are common factors of successful Wise Cracks franchisees?

  • Background in sales, or you are likely to be able to sell our services to your clients
  • You can work and manage a wide range of people and types
  • You have a strong customer service attitude, critical to grow and keep your customers in your local community
  • You are willing to work within the framework of a franchise system. You have a strong work and moral ethic, along with the energy needed to set and reach goals.
  • Owner/Operator engages with their team daily- No Absentee Ownership
  • Must have access to liquid capital to invest in the growth of your business.

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