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We repair; Interior foundation cracks, basement leak repair,
concrete work, interior drain system, sealing around pipes.

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Interior Foundation Cracks

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Basement Leak Repair

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Sump Pumps

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Interior Drain System

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Sealing Around Pipes

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Client Testimonials

“We are so glad your competitor didn’t call us back! We are thoroughly pleased with your work. Please add us to any list of satisfied customers.”

Tom Stanley

“Regarding the job you completed last summer, just to let you know there wasn’t a drop of infiltration through the cracks, which remain perfectly tight. Although I wouldn’t wish to require your services again, I wouldn’t hesitate to call if I did, or recommend you. Thanks for your expert work.”

Russell Dmytriw, P.Geo.

“You can rely on my recommendations to anyone who may inquire. I’m truly satisfied with the whole procedure and workers involved. Thanks so much!”

Dorothy Stubbington

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It May Not Be Best to Fix That Crack In Your Basement Yourself

Duct tape does not fix everything! However, on a serious note, it isn’t unusual for cracks to form in concrete walls. Concrete is a rigid material, to which normal settlement and other factors can cause cracks to form. Other causes for this problem include poor...

Four Causes of Cracks in Foundations

Though each type of foundation crack has unique causes, here is a summary of the most common causes of foundation cracks: Concrete Shrinkage: As concrete cures, the top layer can dry rapidly and produce web-like cracks on the material’s surface. Cracks caused by...

Water leak between the wall and floor in your basement?

That gap you see between the wall and floor is caused by the way foundations are built. The walls are poured first, then the floor is poured after. This results in a small gap between the walls and floor. What if you see water coming up between them? This indicates...

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