Wise Cracks Takes The Guesswork Out of Foundation Repair

Worry-free foundation repairs, using supreme quality products,
at prices that are affordable.

Since 1991 we have served the residential, industrial, commercial and municipal markets in Canada using our unique foundation repair technology Wise Seal® Flexible polymer resins. Over the past twenty five years, hundreds of thousands of successful jobs have been completed coast to coast across Canada; sealing leaks in below grade foundations and all related areas.

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Certified Foundation Repair Specialists

We repair interior foundation cracks, seal around pipes, lines & conduits (through concrete walls), interior drain systems, concrete work, exterior crack repairs, exterior drainage, re-grading. We also specialize in repairing basement leaks from the interior. Our state of the art repair systems and products are unrivaled.

We are the trusted experts in the field and called upon for Professional Seminars & advice in the Industry.

The Foundation & Concrete Repair Specialists

We won’t let your investment slip through the cracks…