Waterproofing New Concrete Foundations

Waterproofing may be the least exciting phase of construction, but it’s one of the most crucial. While there really isn’t any artistry involved, it’s easy to overlook the importance and just go through the motions. Many builders want to rush through things and get this phase of the job done quickly, but if you want to avoid any future problems in callbacks, leaks and so on, you must take the time to get this step right. Always remember that it only takes one hole in your drinking glass to ruin your shirt!

Other than a fire, probably the worst thing that can happen to a residential structure is a foundation problem. The foundation is literally what the house is built on, what keeps the building where it was built, transferring the dead loads and the live loads into the ground.

The source of the vast majority of foundation problems is water. Wet soil beneath a foundation can swell or lose strength. And that’s only the first reason to keep the foundation dry. Then there’s the potential that wet damp basements and crawl spaces could breed mold and make below-ground interior spaces generally unpleasant. The problem is that typical concrete is not waterproof. Although it may not be cracked (which is actually rare) it will typically keep out liquid water, water vapor can still penetrate quite easily. Keeping water drained away from concrete foundations and preventing it from moving through the concrete are essential to a successful structure.

Accomplishing our goal, then, of draining any water away and ensuring a dry interior space below grade can be relatively simple or fairly involved depending on geographic location, climate, topography, soil/water table conditions, and depth of the foundation. There are three components of any system designed to keep water out. These are, from the bottom up:

  • Drains to move water away from the bottom of the foundation
  • Wall treatment to prevent moisture from moving through the wall and to route water down to the drains
  • Ground surface treatment adjacent to the building to direct surface water away

And remember that since this will mostly be underground when the building is complete, doing it right the first time is critical, because coming back to fix it is an expensive undertaking. A leaky foundation in a residential building can damage finishes and furnishings, even the structure itself. In a commercial building, water can ruin expensive equipment and disrupt vital work. It all adds up to lost money, wasted time, upset customers and sometimes litigation.

What You Should Know about Foundation Crack Injection

Injection 9Typical Applications for Waterproofing Using Injection

Injection is commonly used in many waterproofing applications for poured concrete foundations and/or solid concrete structures. Examples are:

1. Crack repair and waterproofing of any poured concrete structure such as foundations, parking garages, concrete swimming pools, etc.;
2. Form ties, tie rod ends or snap rods;
3. Honeycombed areas in foundation walls;
4. Around pipes through poured concrete walls;
5. Waterproofing leaking I-beam pockets in basements;
6. Waterproofing seams between connected concrete structures;
7. Waterproofing voids between layered concrete structures;
8. Waterproofing subway tunnels; and
9. Water stopping in deep underground mining applications.
The Benefits of Injection for Fixing Foundation Cracks
Injecting basement leaks is not only effective; it also has other very interesting benefits:
1. It is done without the need for external excavation!
2. It is completed within a matter of hours!
3. It is, by far, the least expensive way to waterproof a basement or a parking garage;
4. Foundation cracks are repaired permanently;
5. The integrity of the foundation is completely restored; and
6. It is a highly reliable waterproofing method (when done properly).

A successful injection requires a technician to be trained, skilled and experienced. If you shop around for the cheapest price in town you run the risk of getting poor workmanship and materials. This should matter to you because the repair may not last long and you could end up with property damage down the road, far in excess of the money that you saved.
In addition to a technician’s qualifications, successful waterproofing injections require job appropriate resins (typically available only to specialized companies), equipment, and time tested procedures. If you demand excellent results you must select a waterproofing contractor that specializes in injection.

How to Fix a Leaky Basement

How-to-Fix-A-Leaky-BasementThere is no other way of looking at it. Leaky basements are downright upsetting. Although basement leaks are common in most homes, finding your precious items sitting in, or worse, floating in water can be devastating.

Identifying the source of a leaky basement

Finding a basement leak can be tricky. Rule of thumb is to follow the source as you wouldn’t want to waste your time calling a waterproofing contractor if the source of the leak is a plumbing issue in either your kitchen or bathroom upstairs.

For a finished basement, wet or moldy drywall and wet flooring is generally the first clue that you have a foundation water problem. In an unfinished basement, a crack in a basement will leak, will leave discolouration or staining on the foundation wall and there may be dry, mildew patches on the wall and floor at the source. You can go outside the problem area and look for any cracks in the wall. If you find one, ask a professional to asses, and advise on proper repair.

Sometimes high humidity levels in the basement can be indicative of a basement leak.

Can You Fix a Basement Leak?

DIY projects are always fun for homeowners. With that said, your home is one of your greatest assets, where your foundation plays a key role. i.e. holding up the structure.

Fixing a basement leak yourself could be as simple as redirecting a down spout in the area or reattaching an old fallen off pipe.
The next option would be preventing water from coming through the foundation. This requires a marginal investment as you will need to waterproof your foundation. You may need to excavate the area in question all the way to the footing. The foundation will need to be cleaned and a waterproof membrane or coating can be applied to the foundation.

The last option is to plug or seal the hole or crack with hydraulic cement. This can be used to patch a leaky foundation and can be applied wet or dry. As a waterproof contractor, “We try and steer homeowners away from doing this as it is a temporary fix that could cause further damage to your foundation”.

Hire a Waterproofing Contractor for your basement leak?

As previously stated, your home is one of your greatest investments that you’ll make in your lifetime. Your house requires a well maintained foundation to avoid humidity problems, mould issues, and structural damage. Temporarily fixing a leaky basement may be your only financial option, but at least have a waterproofing contractor to advise you, and help you get a full understanding of what you are facing today and down the road.

People are astonished by the fact that it’s usually more cost efficient to have the repair professionally done!

Fredericton Wise Cracks – Foundation Repair and Waterproofing

Foundation Repair and Waterproofing Fredericton

Wise Cracks – Fredericton, NB

For all of your foundation repair requirements trust Wise Cracks in Fredericton, New Brunswick to provide professional and timely services. Wise Cracks Concrete Technologies Inc. are industry leaders in foundation repair, retaining wall repair, manhole repairs, parking garage repairs, elevator pit repairs, some outside crack repair and drainage.

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  • Wise Dry(R) Interior Drain Systems
  • Sump Pump Sales & Installation
  • Video Camera Pipe Inspection
  • Concrete Floor Repairs

Wise Cracks Key Benefits:

  • Lifetime Transferable Warranty
  • Cost Effective Solutions for Wet Basements
  • Environmentally Friendly Products
  • Factory Trained Technicians
  • Foundation repairs without costly excavation

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Wise Cracks – Fredericton, New Brunswick
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For all of your foundation & basement repair requirements in Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, Fall River, Hammonds Plains, Enfield, Lantz, Mount Uniacke,  and surrounding areas in Nova Scotia trust Wise Cracks to provide professional and timely services.  Wise Cracks are industry leaders in concrete repair, waterproofing, retaining wall repair, manhole repairs, parking garage repairs, elevator pit repairs, Crawlspace waterproofing, some outside crack repair and drainage. Chosen by you, the Consumer, we are six year winners of the coveted Consumer Choice Aware. We were also nominated Business of the Year by the Halifax Chamber of Commerce! We match the repair to the best needs of our customers and not overpriced elaborate jobs that are costly and unnecessary.

Locally owned and operated, Wise Cracks of Halifax is dedicated to providing a worry-free experience whether the job is big or small.  Our polite team members will respect your home or place of business, explain the issues that are causing your foundation leaks, and recommend long term warranted solutions. Financing available.

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  • Turn Wet basements into dry basements
  • Concrete repair and installations

Wise Cracks Key Benefits to tackle any wet leaky basement:

  • Lifetime warranty in most cases
  • No costly excavations required; Minimal disruption to the client
  • Clean and efficient process
  • Non-intrusive process with no odours and non toxic cured product
  • Impermeable to water and chemical resistant; Environmentally Friendly
  • Quick turn around process compared to most other methods used today
  • Closed Cell nature of Our Resin is Unaffected by freeze-thaw cycles
  • Extremely Cost Effective and developed locally to target Nova Scotia conditions

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