Take the Embarrassment Out of Having a Wet Basement

One of the most embarrassing predicaments of homeowners is having a wet basement. When wetness or unwanted water rests in the interior, it gradually damages the foundation, framing of the walls, and other materials in your foundation. Waterproofing a basement is the only answer to stop this recurring problem.

Diagnose the Reason for Your Wet Basement Floor

A wet basement can be traced back from two major sources: seepage or condensation. You must find how water enters your basement in order to know which of the two causes the problem. Check out the walls for cracks and holes, and if the problem seems to be seepage or condensation, here are ways to treat condensation and seepage -induced moisture.

Treat the Cause of Your Wet Basement

Waterproofing a basement can cause you cash, but the investment is worthwhile. Check the gutters, spouts, and window wells, if you find that your issue comes from seepage. Gutters and spouts can get clogged with fallen twigs and leaves driving water to seep into the basement rather than flowing out away from it. Install gutters and spouts should you not have them yet, and ensure they are directed away from the foundation. Make sure window wells are installed and fully covered to prevent water.

You have to change the temperature of your basement, if your wet floor is caused by condensation. During wet seasons, close all windows. Cover them to prevent moisture from developing, and insulate cold pipes if there are any are present. Restore the right humidity level inside your basement and to decrease dampness, use a dehumidifier. If you do not have one, purchase one. Enriching ventilation is the only key to removing wetness.

A wet basement caused by seepage or condensation is fairly easy to treat. Basement waterproofing costs should not add up to a fortune particularly when the problem could be fixed by installing a downspout or gutter. However, if your wet floor problem stems from other more serious sources, waterproofing it could be more costly.

Your basement is an essential part of your house and the foundation, so before you start into any major work on it, make sure that you find out everything you need to find out or else it can be agonizing, long and expensive. It is always recommended that you seek the advice or an assessment from a professional waterproofing company.


Water Stains or Efflorescence on Concrete Walls

basement wall leak

Beware of potential “Water stains” or Water Stains or Efflorescence on Concrete Walls, a white chalky residue, on your basement’s concrete before you close in the walls or cover the concrete floor.

A few things the look for or look out for:

Stains on the concrete wall 

Stains on the concrete wall is usually due to water entry through small defects that would normally go unnoticed when dry. These stains can be identified by standing back from the concrete wall and looking for a darker colour or even brown if dirt has been washed in. Staining usually will be directly under the defect such as a well line or sewer pipe that runs through the wall, a metal tie, or even a crack in the wall that normally comes off the corner of a window, near the center of the wall. Even if there are no signs of leaking; it is necessary to address these before they leak and ruin the new walls, flooring, and belongings.

Run water around the outside of the basement 15-20 minutes per side

If there is a leak issue, running water on the exterior concrete wall will cause water seepage on the interior concrete wall.  If you see leaking in the basement, move your hose to the next area and mark on the wall the upper most point of leakage and call in the professionals.

If you’re going to spend money on repairs, make sure it is done by “the pros” with a good warranty. When deciding who to use, we advise getting three estimates and a request for references. Check with BBB for a clear history.  For the benefit of your investment, DON’T panic and pick the first company that arrives.

Get informed and choose wisely! Do not gamble and hope to get lucky (That’s what Vegas is for).



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The Wise Advantage

Wise Cracks® offers professional services for residential and light commercial requirements. Our products and services are designed to provide a permanent solution to concrete and foundation problems. Our products are formulated to be chemically interactive to the substrate to which they are applied. Our trained technicians are highly qualified to install our products and in most cases can even back this up with a lifetime warranty!

Wise Cracks® Protects your investment.
Owning your own home is a smart investment, and proper maintenance protects the value of your asset. Attempting foundation or concrete repairs yourself may seem money smart – but be prepared to do it often!

Wet Basement Solutions, Foundation Repair & Concrete Repair
Home ownership is the largest investment that most people make and nothing diminishes that investment more than structural problems and water damage. A poorly maintained foundation means lower resale values while proper maintenance and professionally applied repair techniques offer both peace of mind and increased enjoyment of the home

Wise Cracks® Protects your investment.

Owning your own home is a smart investment, and proper maintenance protects the value of your asset. Attempting foundation or concrete repairs yourself may seem money smart – but be prepared to do it often!

Franchise Opportunity – Award Winning Home Service Franchise

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With a 30 year, award winning track record of growth and success, we are always looking to expand. Voted “Franchisee Choice” by our Franchisees. 

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-Bob Belyea,  Retired Ontario Wise Cracks Franchisee

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Why Invest in a Wise Cracks® Franchise Opportunity?

Wise Cracks® provides a much needed service to property owners. Wise Cracks is the most trusted basement repair company in Canada. Who are we? Wise Cracks is a boutique Canadian Franchisor and Manufacturer, supplying our Franchisees with proprietary products and methods of repair.  Basement repairs are ranked as one of the top home repairs.  We’ve spent the past almost thirty years at what we do and take it pretty seriously. The business offers flexible hours, is family friendly, requires minimum staffing, has awesome service based margins, and minimal inventory is required. Plus, with this mobile repair service, you can work right from home, so there’s no need for a costly storefront. Your Wise Cracks van is your mobile office. The Wise Cracks opportunity is work and life that is in balance. Multi-location ownership opportunities are also available. Most of our growth has come from within with our Franchisees growing their businesses and acquiring adjacent cities. 

What are common factors of successful Wise Cracks franchisees?

  • Background in sales, or you are likely to be able to sell our services to your clients
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Our Unique Proprietary Resin Sealant:  * Wise Seal® is only available from us, for the exclusive use of Wise Cracks® System.

* Canadian renovation spending has been rising over the past 15 years and hit a record increase nationally with steady increases every since.

Our Memberships:

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Fast Facts about Franchising:

  • Lower cost home-based and mobile type franchises have enjoyed major growth
  • Approximately 1 out of every 14 working Canadians  is directly employed by franchising.
  • There are over 78,000 franchise units across Canada
  • CFA members represent more than 40,000 business outlets across the country, and there are over 1,200 franchise brands in Canada
  • Franchising directly employs over 1,000,000 people Franchising accounts for $90 billion per year in sales nationally or 10% of Canada’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Franchising is more than food!
  • Franchising has been reported to account for one out of every five consumer dollars spent in Canada in goods and services.
  • Franchising is a great way for an entrepreneur to own your own business, without reinventing the wheel!
  • Franchising is a critical spoke in the Canadian economy

5 Common Franchising MYTHS

  • Myth: Franchisees are essentially employees of Franchisors   FACT: Franchisees are small business owners. While franchisees and franchisors have the same goal of creating success for the franchise system, they work cooperatively but independently toward this goal. The franchisor usually provides training, support, and operational guidelines to ensure consistency; however, franchisees are responsible for the daily operations, decisions, employee hiring and management, and, ultimately , success of their business.

  •  Myth: Investing in a franchise means buying a business  FACT:When a franchisee invests in a franchise, what he or she receives is the license to operate a business under the brand name of the franchise system, including associated trademarks and operating processes, for a specified period of time. The franchisee needs to adhere to the standards, procedures, and guidelines set out by the franchisor. (These will be outlined in the franchise agreement contract.) The franchisee is responsible for the day-to-day operations of their business and for driving revenue and profitability.

  • Myth: Franchises are limited to ‘fast food’ restaurants  FACT: Any business concept that can be exactly replicated in a new location can grow using the franchise business model. Many people think of food service when they think of franchising, but the reality is that franchises can be found in just about every industry and business sector.

  • Myth: Franchising is all big business  FACT: Franchisees are small business owners who have invested in local communities and support their local economies. Though a franchise system may be regional, national or international in scope, the success and growth of a system is driven by its network of small businesses in each market.

  • Myth: Franchisors will accept anyone who shows up with a  cheque as a franchisee  FACT:Joining a franchise system is an important decision that should be well though out by both the franchisor and the franchisee. Franchisees invest not only their money but also their time and effort. Similarly, franchisors want to ensure the continued success of the system by bringing on the right people on board as franchisees. There should be a due diligence process on both sides to help confirm that investing in a franchise location with a specific  system would be a  wise decision for all involved.

    The information contained on this website is not intended as an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, a franchise. It is for information purpose only. Currently, the following provinces regulate the offer and sale of franchises: Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. If you are a resident of, or want to operate a franchise in one of these provinces, we will not offer you a franchise unless and until we have complied with applicable pre-sale registration and disclosure requirements in your province.

Wise Cracks Takes The Guesswork Out of Foundation Repair

Worry-free foundation repairs, using supreme quality products, at prices that are affordable.

Since 1991 we have served the residential, industrial, commercial and municipal markets in Canada using our unique foundation repair technology Wise Seal® Flexible polymer resins. Over the past twenty five years, hundreds of thousands of successful jobs have been completed coast to coast across Canada; sealing leaks in below grade foundations and all related areas.

Certified Foundation Repair Specialists

We repair interior foundation cracks, seal around pipes, lines & conduits (through concrete walls), interior drain systems, concrete work, exterior crack repairs, exterior drainage, re-grading. We also specialize in repairing basement leaks from the interior. Our state of the art repair systems and products are unrivaled.

We are the trusted experts in the field and called upon for Professional Seminars & advice in the Industry.

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