5 Causes of Leaks in Your Basement & How to Find Them

A leaky basement can be a common problem that most households deal with at one time or another. Taking care of your basement is essential to ensure a healthy home, but many times we may not pay attention to that dingy area of our house. If basement problems are ignored, they could become things that could affect your home and ultimately result in costly repairs. High humidity promotes an environment in which mold and mildew could grow and cause allergic reactions in you and your family, and water damage could eventually result in damage and, therefore, greatly reduce your property’s value.

It is crucial for you and your family’s health to recognize water damage signs and determine what is causing them. For this reason, we will explain what the main causes of water-related problems are in basements, and provide a guideline in to effectively recognize them in a timely manner:

What Causes Leaky Basements?

A basement’s number one enemy is certainly water, since it is responsible for most problems found in them and could cause great havoc. The following are the main sources from which water could be making its way into your home causing leaks in your basement:


  • Rain and water pools around the foundation


Heavy rainfall can be deadly to a home that hasn’t been properly waterproofed. Problems due to rainfall accumulating near the foundations are more common in older homes, but even new houses can become flooded if there isn’t proper drainage that directs the water away from the structure. You should have a slope around your home that will help divert water away from the foundation, regularly clear out gutters and make sure downspouts are draining away water at a sufficient distance from the house.


  • Cracks in or around windows and doors


Sometimes the issue simply lies in small cracks and holes, or improper sealing of windows and stairwell doors. Take advantage of the next rainfall and inspect your windows and stairways for signs of leaks, and proceed to caulking and repairing whatever flaws you have found, sealing them properly and making sure outside drainage is adequately diverting water away from your home.


  • Leaky plumbing


The issue can also be inside your home, since leaky pipes are also very common problems and could be the source of dampness behind a wall. It is essential that you regularly inspect your pipes for leaks and cracks or blockages, and that you properly prepare them for cold weather by insulating them to prevent freezing and, ultimately, a burst pipe and a flooded basement.


  • Inadequate sump pump


Another important piece of equipment you should have in your basement is a sump pump. It will take care of the collection and drainage of groundwater under your house, which is essential since when the soil soaks up too much water and it builds up or expands, it could force its way into your floor and walls. If the sump pump is not regularly cleaned and adequately maintained, it could fail to divert water away and will most likely leak into your basement. Invest in a good sump pump and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to clean it and have it running year round.


  • Condensation


Sometimes the source of leaks is not external water seeping through, but simply high humidity levels inside your basement. This could be due to poor ventilation of the room, living near the ocean or simply due to warm temperatures during the summer. You can recognize condensation when you see the walls, pipes ceiling or furniture feel like they are “sweating”. This is a problem that can easily be solved by installing proper venting, especially for your dryer in case you have it in your basement, or by using a dehumidifier to condition the air.

Signs of Leaks in Your Basement

Identifying leaks in your basement in a timely manner will be crucial in order to prevent further water damage. The main objective should be to determine whether the source is from an external water source, such as rain, lot drainage or groundwater, or any other source, such as leaking plumbing or condensation.

In order to determine the source and decide how to best repair it, you will have to carefully inspect your basement looking for signs that indicate leakage, which are:


  • Dampness or brown stains on walls and ceiling


If walls feel or look damp, or you have brown stains forming around your walls or ceiling, this can indicate water has been absorbed into them and is reacting with the clay outside your home by drawing the acid in it and filtering it through your walls. Water could be coming from leaky plumbing, groundwater seepage, or rainfall accumulation.


  • Mold and mildew


Two of the most common home invaders are mold and mildew, since they quickly appear in areas of high humidity or where water accumulates. They are the culprits of that awful musty smell in your basement, and have the power to rapidly spread. They release spores that can produce respiratory problems and allergies, especially for patients suffering from asthma.


  • Efflorescence


Is that chalky white mineral deposit you sometimes see on your walls, which occurs due to the chemical breakdown of its bonging agents that leach lime through masonry surfaces. This is a sign of an environment that has high humidity levels.


  • Rust stains


Rust stains are usually found on concrete floors and carpet due to corrosion metal objects such as nails on baseboards, electrical boxes, metal feet on furniture and others.


  • Stained carpets


Finding stains or a damp carpet could indicate water has been coming through. Try to identify in which areas this happens and if it is connected with heavy rainfalls.


  • Water bugs


Some small insects are attracted to areas where moisture accumulates and will go looking for water sources. Look for evidence of bugs behind furniture and appliances, around corners, and along baseboards and beams to come closer to the water seepage source.


  • Stained or warped wood


Darkened wood and stained or warped floorboards are clear signs of water damage in the area.


  • Cracked and damp floors


If you find cracks around your floors or walls, this could be a sign of water putting too much pressure on the structure and wanting to force its way in, thus resulting in the floor breaking and water seeping through.

Basements are highly vulnerable spaces to water problems since they are the lowest point in your house and have to hold down excessive amounts of weight, especially during the rainy months. Catching problems early will make a huge difference in determining the method that needs to be used to solve them, and therefore, probably the costs you will have to incur in too. Don’t neglect your basement it’s integrity is important to the value of your house; take matters into your own hands and take some time to inspect it and avoid worse problems in the future. It is always best to have such findings viewed and repaired by a reputable basement repair company.



Homeowners Should Not Delay Getting that Basement Leak Repaired

wc-slide3Wise Cracks® have been helping homeowners turn their leaky wet basements into a dry solace that will remain dry for many years to come.
As much as it may not seem as if we’re likely to see winter end soon, rest assured that it will end, and spring will make its presence. Spring will inevitably lead to all the snow melting, add to that any rainfall, and many basements will unfortunately start to leak. After a particularly hard winter, the warmer temperatures of spring will bring an excess of water and moisture – which can affect your home inside and out. Prepare now at the first sign of a problem before a bad situation becomes worse. A small issue can quickly escalate into a large and costly project if left untreated.
Wise Cracks® have been happily providing solutions for twenty five years to worried homeowners. Homeowners easily feel some peace of mind while Wise Cracks® provides them the best and most cost-effective solution to a dry basement. Wise Cracks® have been chosen for the fourth year in a row by the consumers, the coveted Consumer Choice Award. This is an award chosen by you- the consumer. This is not something that can be bought.
Waterproofing is science and an art. It takes experience, skill, knowledge, and an understanding of how buildings and homes are constructed in order to resolve their water issues, and Wise Cracks® are the experts in this regard. Wise Cracks® offers its clients a seamless transaction from start to finish transforming their office, home or basement into a healthy usable and dry living space. Contact your nearest Wise Cracks® today and find out why they are “Canada’s most trusted basement repair company.”®


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For all of your foundation & basement repair requirements in Halifax, Dartmouth, Bedford, Fall River, Hammonds Plains, Enfield, Lantz, Mount Uniacke,  and surrounding areas in Nova Scotia trust Wise Cracks to provide professional and timely services.  Wise Cracks are industry leaders in concrete repair, waterproofing, retaining wall repair, manhole repairs, parking garage repairs, elevator pit repairs, Crawlspace waterproofing, some outside crack repair and drainage. Chosen by you, the Consumer, we are six year winners of the coveted Consumer Choice Aware. We were also nominated Business of the Year by the Halifax Chamber of Commerce! We match the repair to the best needs of our customers and not overpriced elaborate jobs that are costly and unnecessary.

Locally owned and operated, Wise Cracks of Halifax is dedicated to providing a worry-free experience whether the job is big or small.  Our polite team members will respect your home or place of business, explain the issues that are causing your foundation leaks, and recommend long term warranted solutions. Financing available.

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Wise Cracks Key Benefits to tackle any wet leaky basement:

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  • Non-intrusive process with no odours and non toxic cured product
  • Impermeable to water and chemical resistant; Environmentally Friendly
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  • Closed Cell nature of Our Resin is Unaffected by freeze-thaw cycles
  • Extremely Cost Effective and developed locally to target Nova Scotia conditions

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5 Common Franchising MYTHS

  • Myth: Franchisees are essentially employees of Franchisors   FACT: Franchisees are small business owners. While franchisees and franchisors have the same goal of creating success for the franchise system, they work cooperatively but independently toward this goal. The franchisor usually provides training, support, and operational guidelines to ensure consistency; however, franchisees are responsible for the daily operations, decisions, employee hiring and management, and, ultimately , success of their business.

  •  Myth: Investing in a franchise means buying a business  FACT:When a franchisee invests in a franchise, what he or she receives is the license to operate a business under the brand name of the franchise system, including associated trademarks and operating processes, for a specified period of time. The franchisee needs to adhere to the standards, procedures, and guidelines set out by the franchisor. (These will be outlined in the franchise agreement contract.) The franchisee is responsible for the day-to-day operations of their business and for driving revenue and profitability.

  • Myth: Franchises are limited to ‘fast food’ restaurants  FACT: Any business concept that can be exactly replicated in a new location can grow using the franchise business model. Many people think of food service when they think of franchising, but the reality is that franchises can be found in just about every industry and business sector.

  • Myth: Franchising is all big business  FACT: Franchisees are small business owners who have invested in local communities and support their local economies. Though a franchise system may be regional, national or international in scope, the success and growth of a system is driven by its network of small businesses in each market.

  • Myth: Franchisors will accept anyone who shows up with a  cheque as a franchisee  FACT:Joining a franchise system is an important decision that should be well though out by both the franchisor and the franchisee. Franchisees invest not only their money but also their time and effort. Similarly, franchisors want to ensure the continued success of the system by bringing on the right people on board as franchisees. There should be a due diligence process on both sides to help confirm that investing in a franchise location with a specific  system would be a  wise decision for all involved.

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